Mission Statement

We are an inclusive school for youngsters from 2 years of age and above, which aims to instil the love of dance through performing and learning to perform all styles of dance, singing and theatrecraft at a level appropriate to each child’s abilities. We do this without the children feeling pressured but instead experiencing the joy in what they are learning to do.


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Classes are available in Ballet, Tap, Musical Theatre, Freestyle, Disco, Theatre Craft, Cheerleading and Street as well as Pre-school classes for children from 2 years of age. Also we have a ‘Mummy and Me’ class available for children age 9 months – 2 years.


Here at Alexandra’s we aim to offer a high standard of teaching as well as value for money. Most classes are ½ hour duration and cost £3.00, some classes for the older children are ¾ hour costing £4.50.


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We recognise that one of the most enjoyable functions of a dance school is giving the children a chance to perform, thereby helping to increase their confidence as well as giving the parents a chance to see their children performing so there are regular showcases for the different types of dance they are learning.


Examinations are taken to give the children and their parents a clear indication of their progress, usually one a year per class.


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Alexandra's School of Dance and Theatre

t: 07926 057201 e: info@alexdanceschool.co.uk